Letter from Marc Huberty


I have been passionate about Swimming since 1972, and American Swimming has Always been an example for swimmers across the world.


As a qualified national trainer, I observed American teams prepare for the Olympics in LA (1984) coached by Mark Schubert, Richard Quick and Don Gambril.


In 1986, I joined the team at the Dynamo Swimming Club where I met David Marsh. From this meeting on, we began to share our passion for Swimming and our competencies… and a 34 year long friendship was born.



In the summer of 2018 in San Diego, after training with Team Elite to prepare for the nationals, we decided to create the "Stand By Me Foundation", with 3 main goals:


  •     BE A CHAMPION: give means to adults swimmers in terms of infrastructure, competencies and medical follow-up so that they can prepare for international meetings

  •     BE A SWIMMER: give all those who want to discover the water, the chance to learn the correct moves and the fundamentals of life-saving and Learning to swim

  •     BE EXCEPTIONAL: try to help developing swimming sport activities for people with disabilities

We know we can count on you, who like us, are passionate about Swimming to give us the means to achieve our goals through your support of our objectives.


Head Coach of Team Elite Aquatics