By joining and supporting the « Stand By Me Foundation » you are participating in the development of swimming as a sport on different levels: by helping athletes, by helping young people who can’t swim and by helping those with disabilities to discover the enjoyment of being in the water and learning how to Swim (master the stroke).


We believe in the role we have to play in helping those with disabilities by welcoming them and accompanying them so they can achieve fulfilment through swimming for enjoyment or swimming as a (high level) sport.


Athletes (worldclass / olympic swimmers)


Through the foundation, we provide high level adult swimmers 
the following services through your donations:

  • Pool rental

  • High Level Coach follow-up

  • International Swimming Races

  • Training Camps

  • Health follow-up by sports doctors

  • Video footage and stroke analyse

  • Video database to monitor progress

  • Focus on the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

Prevent Drowning San Diego


At the Stand by Me Foundation we believe that everyone has the right to learn how to swim ! Swimming is our specialty and with the help of our champions and our instructors we give swimming lessons to those less fortunate.

Swimming pools must be accessible to everyone ! Your donations enable us to teach all young people about the enjoyment of the water, learning the appropriate actions to stay safe by swimming on your back and by learning at least one swimming style with the correct strokes to learn basic swimming technique and to be aware that swimming is very different to bathing.


Support Paralympic swimmers


From living with a disability, to living like you and me through the foundation’s support : we support all projects that will help those with disabilities discover the enjoyment of being in the water and we provide classes to teach them the joys of swimming on a daily basis.

With your donations we will provide support in terms of infrastructure and high-level coaching to Paralympic swimmers to help them win at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games.

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